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Charles Big C Caldwell has a plethora of experience , College, Military, professional athlete, Father, Husband, Christian.  His life displays that success is not an uphill ladder, it's more like a ton of circles that gradually progress.  He loves sharing his experience with others so that they may learn and grow in maturity.  "Society don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

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A2A Inc. is a corporation (non profit) built on integrity.  We are real and our word is bond. We prepare all teens and young adults for the future. Three main ingredients,   Adapt, Improvise and Overcome!

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A2A Inc. spends quality time with clients, ensuring that the customer is always satisfied. Every student under A2A Inc. have changed their lives and are now successful citizens within their community. Testimony from a former Air Force troop: I only worked for MSgt Caldwell three years out of my 17-year career as a 1C5, but those three years I will never forget.  It was my first time being stationed abroad, and not in a place covered in sand, but in an assignment that any service member would covet, Yokota Air Base, Japan.  It was there that I met Charles Caldwell.  He was quite large, story-book large, like a professional wrestler.  I remember introducing my wife to him.  When they shook hands, she looked like a child in comparison.  It still makes me laugh.  He was our superintendent, and I was always impressed with how quickly he acclimated to the mission, how he had already memorized everyone’s names, and knew a little bit about each one of us.  There was never any question that he cared about the members in his unit, that he was genuinely concerned for our well-being and development as young NCO’s.  He was a mentor to me, and is still a great example of a life well-lived.  

I myself am a MSgt now, the same rank Charles was when I met him, and I don’t have many mentors.  That’s not to say I don’t seek them out, but very few live up to his example.  Charles didn’t mince words, he said what he meant and meant what he said.  His actions spoke loudly, and they left an impression on me that continues to this day.  Even as a SSgt, he empowered me to be an active leader, not only to my subordinates but to my peers as well.  His faith in God was evident, and he praised him often.  If you want to know the real measure of a person, it’s not seeing them at their best, but the ways they with and overcome adversity.  Charles had his own obstacles to overcome, but they never defined who he was, and he never let them affect his leadership or his interaction with subordinates.  He was always candid with me in his struggles and I respected and admired the way he dealt with them.  He was the consummate professional.  

We were unique in that our unit consisted of only around 15 or so members and that we were geographically separated from the rest of the base.  In that respect, we were more like a family, relied exclusively on one another for support, and MSgt Caldwell was that fatherly figure who kept us on the straight and narrow.  Looking back, things could have gone differently for me without his tutelage and advice, his open door and open ear.  I’ve always felt privileged to have served with him, and am a better person for my time in his presence.  He is truly a remarkable individual and the service is surely lacking in absence of his great leadership.  His service to his country, to his fellow service members, to his family and to his community is truly inspiring, and I work hard to be half the man that he has proven himself to be in my eyes.  Thank you Sir for your leadership, for your guidance, and most importantly, for your friendship.